Removing a Coffee Stain on Carpet

All true coffee addicts are familiar with the brown, ring-shaped coffee stains sometimes left behind by their daily brew. They’ll find them on newspapers and magazines, coffee tables, desks, and papers. The most clumsy coffee drinkers (and the simply unlucky) sometimes spill their coffee onto the carpet as well. When treating a coffee stain on carpet, it’s important to act quickly or the stain will sink into the carpet fibers and dry, setting and becoming much harder to treat. This is especially important if the coffee contained milk or cream, both of which can become smelly and bacteria-ridden if left to fester. So if you want to keep your floor spot- and smell-free, you need to learn how to remove a coffee stain on carpet.

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How to Clean a Red Wine Stain

red wine stain

You’re at home enjoying a nice glass of red wine—relaxing, maybe sitting down to dinner, savoring the moment—when disaster strikes. The dog jumps up. You loose your footing. The glass slips from your fingers. And then there it is, as bright and horrific as a CSI murder scene (okay, maybe not quite so horrific): a red wine stain. On your beautiful, plush carpet.

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8 Reasons Why You Probably Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people think that they don’t need professional carpet cleaning, but most of them are, in fact, wrong. There are a great many reasons why a person should get their carpets professionally cleaned, but today we are just going to look at eight of them. If any of these eight reasons apply to you (and there is a very high chance that they do), then you might want to think about getting hiring a professional who has been trained by the IICRC.

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Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction vs steam cleaning. Do you know the difference?

The fact is, most people refer to hot water extraction as steam cleaning when in actuality, they are two entirely different cleaning processes. Each method uses a different temperature of water and sometimes different cleaning solutions as well. So before you clean your carpet or try to treat a nasty stain, read on to learn more about hot water extraction vs steaming cleaning.

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